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Creating a Calming and Beautiful Bedroom

The bedroom is our sanctuary and the place we look forward to relaxing in at the end of the day. 

Here are my guidelines to creating the perfect bedroom, whether for you or your Christmas guests.

A gorgeous, calm place of retreat from the busy world we live in.

The most important thing to do is de-clutter.  It makes relaxing a little tricky when you are in a space that is messy and full of unnecessary 'extras'.  This is a time to cull; anything that doesn’t have a home in the bedroom needs to go. Large bedsides are great for hiding all the extras!

Choosing the colour of your room is such an important decision to set the mood. There are a couple of choices here, either soft calming colours, like blues, pinks soft grey or a neutral palette. On the other hand you could go for a dark moody such as a dark grey, navy or charcoal creating a dramatic but cocooning effect!

Creating a beautiful relaxing bedroom starts with a comfortable bed. If you need a new bed take your partner with you when choosing, kicking and screaming if need be as it needs to suit you both! Buy the best bed you can, after all we spend approximately 8 hours a night there.

The next step to creating the perfect bedroom is the bed linen.  Invest in the best quality bed linen you can afford, as you get to appreciate it every day.

Now the fun begins. Dress your bed with beautiful cushions and a throw. These add colour and texture. 

Finally, add some flowers and a lovely scented candle. Voila! 

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